F L O R A: our first site-specific piece, Petoskey, MI


E x p e r i e n c e   N o r t h e r n   M i c h i g a n   t h r o u g h D a n c e: our final interactive performance art piece, Petoskey, MI

Northern Dance Project

Northern Dance Project (NDP) was an experimental collaboration between two dancers and two visual artists. In its inaugural summer, three months of rehearsals to test ideas, choreography, and improvisation, culminated in two site-specific performance events in Petoskey, Michigan.

Each performance piece is an intimate and inclusive glimpse into our creative process. One overarching theme for our projects is to draw attention to space, both natural and man-made. In Flora, think of the roped off area not as constriction or claiming ownership, but like a highlighter, slicing off a portion of land that may otherwise go unnoticed, and presenting it for consideration.

We work to enliven a space through movement, we can give it power with a name, and we can give it memories through our interactions. And that's why we’re interested in site-specific performance; something will happen here that holds meaning for us, and for the space itself.

Collaborators: Jon Anthony - Artist, Katie Brines - Artist, Zoe Marshall-Rashid - Ballroom Dancer, Bri Wilson - Modern & Ballet Dancer

NDP was funded by a grant from the Michigan Council on Arts & Cultural Affairs