Entering into my third week in Savannah, I feel a sense of steadiness and contentment. I've spent whole days making friends with the woods, railroad tracks, and that fizzing, rhythmic space where the hard sand and the salty water meet. The sun and wind work their magic together, warming or cooling my cheeks, as I go. It occurred to me today, that my usual way of marking time, with a deep intuition of the seasons and their battles, is different here... as evidenced by the version of oak trees that don't lose their leaves or the blooming bushes that attract monarchs in Mid-November. I walk on the beach, in weather warm enough for swimming.

I spend some time each morning thinking about what I'm thankful for: my family, my best friends who live in different cities, my dog who is weird, a job that allows me to dream and be creative, adventure, and possibilities. From what I once perceived as a deep loss, grew a life changing abundance of contentment, strength, and excitement for the present moment. 

When I have the urge to move, something that is fundamentally a part of my nature, I go...no longer denying my nomadic self or worrying about how all of the pieces will fit together later. I'm thankful for the privilege. 

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