Dear Some Men in the World, 

A woman is one thing, who and what she wants. It is not your job to push her. You are not responsible for her successes (or her failures). It is not your job to change her into something society deems more acceptable. Her ideas are not yours. Her work is not yours. It is not for you to tell her who she is. It is not on you to guess what she wants, listen if she shares this with you. If you do not understand, ask questions. 

Look deep inside yourself and think about ways in which you can respect people better. What does it look like to be respected. All people deserve respect. Respect is not earned, it just is. Respect is not about understanding.  We need you to know that to not be respected has lasting effects. To not be respected makes people feel unsafe. 

Respect does not look like:


name calling



using power to get what you want

using people


Respect does look like:


asking questions

showing empathy

being honest

treating someone as they tell you they want to be treated


No one person is all bad or evil. I hope we can all work to do better. And for the men who understand that to be strong, to be tough, and to be confident means to be kind, to be vulnerable, to listen, to accept, and to choose peace, I appreciate you. And I appreciate those who are trying to do better. 


We all have baggage and a story. We need to take into account that there is a lot going on in the world everyday or in daily lives that can be one big fucking trigger for a lot of people. It's not enough to repost on social media about it because it's the topic of the moment. We need to begin to shift what we prioritize most in the world, look out for each other, and recognize the humanity in each other.

Katie BrinesComment