Order a custom painting of a bridal bouquet


Watercolor Bridal Bouquet Paintings

Fresh and beautifully arranged flowers are one of my favorite things! I walk through my yard in the summer months, plucking syriner and bregner and arranging it carefully into blue vases that remind me of the deep blue water in summertime. I love the fragrant smell and pop of fresh color that greets me when I walk through a room with flowers in it.

The power of an image to conjure memories, and sometimes, even smell-memories is magical.

Capture the memory of a wedding day with a custom painting of a bridal bouquet. These paintings make wonderful and unique anniversary gifts, reminding a loved one of a special moment in time.

Each painting is hand painted in watercolor on watercolor paper in the following standard sizes and is available for shipping within Norway.

Sizing & Pricing:

A5 = 595 kroner

A4 = 695 kroner

A3 = 895 kroner

*prices do not include shipping

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Acrylic Bridal Bouquet Paintings

Order a custom painting of a beautiful wedding floral bouquet. Simply email me a few photos of your bridal bouquet from your wedding day and I will get started on your custom painting.

Each acrylic painting is done on canvas and can be shipped within Norway.

Sizing & Pricing:

30 x 30 cm = 1295 kroner

40 x 40 cm = 1495 kroner

50 x 50 cm = 1695 kroner

*prices do not include shipping

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